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The Playa Mogan Fiesta


The Playa Mogan Fiesta is Held each July.

A good time to come to stay in Puerto de Mogan is when the fiesta is on in July.

Fantastic for any age but especially the children.
Dancing all night in the street. Open air Spanish pop groups
Shows in the canarian show area by the bus stop (totally free entry)
children’s fun fair set up including dodgem cars. All ending in a FANTASTIC FIREWORK DISPLAY OFF THE BEACH AT MIDNIGHT On the last Saturday night of the two weeks.

What this festival is all about.
Years ago there was no serviceable road out of Mogan; there was very little opportunity for young men in Puerto de Mogan to meet up with young ladies from other areas.
So they sent boat loads of young virgin ladies from Arguiniguin into Puerto De Mogan for two weeks, so they could meet up and pair off.
The last week is the best with the fireworks off the beach No expense is spared by the Town hall on putting on this show.
Of course if you do not like the noise at night you could always stay just outside in the Valley and just come down to join in when you want to, but nobody can say that Puerto de Mogan is quiet at all at this time.

Please understand that it is a very happy and jolly time.
There is never any trouble No drunks being arrested at all, this is Canarian family time .The Canarians are out with all their families, small children babies and everything is respectful and fun. No looky looky men, touts or anything like that. Just a wholesome family local Canarian fun time. There is a religious parade to the boats at the end of it to send the Carmen Del virgin back to Arguiniguin on the boat. The locals have competitions for the young girl to be chosen as queen. In fact it’s just like England in the olden days, The carnivals that used to go on in England. Only a lot better with Professional musicians, Local singers (small children and so on singing) Even special football matches, going on, and in the local canarian show place, (the little door in the wall at the bus station), opens onto an open air show place with stage, Where there is entertainment inside. Fantastic artists and the mayor always attend the shows in there. Tourists do not realise they are welcome to just walk in there for free and join in. There is always a canarian whistler who shows how they all used to communicate here, when there were no roads, (they used to have a whistling language to communicate with each other across the mountains).

Fantastic and fascinating.


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  1. ray marks says:

    any chance of some more photos of the new bus station latest please Paul ??

  2. ray marks says:

    any news on the bus station Paul, I understand that the company building it
    went bust !!!!

    Please let me know if you hear anything – would be most grat6eful




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